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Webforditas.hu FAQ

Q: The translator switches to the dictionary automatically. Why?
A: If the input is a single word then we show hits from the dictionary. In special cases like numbers are single word sentences you might need machine translation results. To solve the problem add a full stop behind the word. (e.g.: "megmondhatnád.")

Q: Some words are not translated. Why?
A: These words may not be spelled correctly. Try checking the input by pressing the "spell checker" button.

Q: I have no accented characters on my keyboard, but unless I use accented characters the text is not translated correctly.
A: Not using accented characters leads to ambiguity, see for example "meg" and "még". This is why we do not support unaccented input text. If you don't have these special characters on your keyboard, try using the virtual keyboard which pops up when you press the "keyboard" button. The keyboard layout will be automatically that of the current input language.

Q: I translated some text, then translated the result back to the original language, but the final output was different from the original or even unintelligible. Why is that?
A: Unfortunately, this obvious method is not really suitable for testing machine translation. The problem is that the program expects the input text to be grammatically correct, however the output is often incorrect. When you try to translate the incorrect translation back to the original language, the result may become unusable. The recommended method of testing the program is to find some text written in a foreign language and translating it to your mother tongue. This way you can judge whether the output is suitable for your needs.

Q: Why is Hungarian to English translation discontinued?
A: Hungarian to English translation is still available. You just have to click on the arrow button between the input and output languages, and the direction of the translation will change.

Q: The translation is not perfect. What is the use of all this?
A: Machine translation helps you understand texts written in a foreign language. Try translating from a language that you do not speak a word of and you will see that the result usually gives you at least a general idea of what the original is about. You may easily find pages in many languages at wikipedia.org. Machine translation is not suitable for translating your documents to a foreign language when quality is an issue (e.g. your website, your CV) If you are chatting with someone over the internet who doesn't speak your language, you might try sending machine translated messages to each other, but in this case you must be careful to spell the words correctly and to use simple short grammatical sentences.

Q: Japanese or Chinese characters are not displayed correctly, I'm getting little squares instead.
A: You must have asian fonts installed on your computer. In Windows XP go to Start/Control Panel/Regional and Language Options, select the Languages tab and check "Install files for East Asian languages".

Q: The captcha (control number) did not appear? What can I do?
A: The captcha fails to appear sometimes due to a network communication error. Restarting your browser solves the problem.

Q: Typing in the control number repeatedly is very frustrating, is there a way to avoid this?
A: You can avoid having to type in the control number if you buy the translation software from MorphoLogic. Choose the product that suits your needs on this site.

Q: The web translator could not translate a web page. What is wrong?
A: There are several reasons why a webpage, or part of it, cannot be translated. It may be a Flash animation, or an image, from which text data cannot be recovered. Sometimes text is generated by scripts which are not accessible to webforditas.hu. If the site is secure (its address starts with https), it cannot be translated for data security reasons. In the latter two cases, buying our translation software which integrates into web browsers can solve the problem: MorphoWeb English-Hungarian web page translator or MorphoWeb Net.

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